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be treated with the utmost respect"
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Fluke's Aftercare offers pet urns and personalized pet
cremation services throughout Maine. We realize the importance
of personalized attention when having faced the loss of a pet.
You need and deserve the same care and compassion as those
who have experienced a human loss. You do have the right to
play a part in making the decision about your pet's final body
care. Whether or not you want to keep your pet's ashes,
participation in this decision will help you feel better.

A husband and wife owned and operated business established
in 2004, we are committed to providing you with the assurance
that the physical body of the pet you love is tended to in a
dignified, professional manner. You will have the best and
widest options to help you cope with the passing of your pet
along with the highest level of customer care. To further
promote this level of ultimate care, we offer the option of same
day service, with advance notice, by providing individual pickup
of your pet from your home or veterinarian's office. Always
provided as part of our cremation services is a Certificate of
Private Cremation highlighting your pet's name, your family
name(s), your pet's very own paw print and a fur clipping should
you so desire. A beautiful hand carved wooden urn for return of
your pets ashes is also included. We would never think of
returning your precious family member in a cardboard box or tin
container resembling a coffee can or upcharge you for any of
these extras we provide.

In May 2015, we severed ties with local veterinary clinics that
we serviced so that we could expand the highest level of care
possible at the most affordable cost to your family. In recent
years, a large amount of veterinary clinics here across Maine
have been bought, and are now owned by large, out-of-state
corporations. You may be surprised to learn that yours is one of
them. More recently though, these veterinary clinics are now
utilizing the cremation service of yet another corporately owned
crematorium. While their physical presence is here in Maine,
and give the impression that they are still family owned, they
are based out of Colorado. Our personalized, direct approach
has proved to be the method that most pet families now prefer.
And, at the risk of sounding sappy, we also provide something
that large facilities can't. Love.

Oftentimes, our charge is lower than those charged to you by
others. Our low price guarantee ensures that you and your pet
get exceptional services for the best cost. While we no longer
work for these corporately owned veterinary clinics, we are
happy to work with them on your behalf. If it is too emotionally
difficult for you to transport your pet to us personally, we can
also provide this service with advanced notice. Pets are
transported individually and
not as part of a route with several
other pets in the back of a truck.

If you have recently lost a pet, please let us extend our
heartfelt condolences. The passing of a pet is undeniably an
emotional and difficult experience for the family left behind. By
offering you a variety of choices, we hope to make this difficult
time easier for you to bear.

Fluke's Aftercare also has a large variety of pet memorial
products such as cat urns, small dog urns, urn for larger dogs,
keepsake urns, pet caskets, pet memorial markers and
keepsake jewelry for you to select from. You may choose from
the ones we have for display, or you may order one from our
store, Rainbow Bridge Urns. When you pet is cremated with
Fluke's Aftercare, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on
the urn of your choice.

We also ship anywhere in the U.S. Products shown in our
product list are not indicative of our current in-house inventory.
All urn orders come with a 30 Day money back guarantee (minus
S&H) if not satisfied.

340 Oak Hill Road
Litchfield, Maine 04350

Phone: (207) 268-2912 OR (207) 212-3064

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Friday - *CLOSED*
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*By Special Appointment Only - After   
    hours charges will apply

* Services requested beyond normal hours of operation
will be subject to an additional charge.
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"We would like to thank you
for treating our Princess
Kitty with
true kindness and respect.
You made a very difficult
time much easier.  It
was worth the drive from
Boston. It was nice to be
able to say goodbye to
our Princess Kitty the way
you allowed. Her paw prints
will forever be
tattooed on our hearts.
Thank you for the care you
gave our little angel."

-The Miller family

If you find our prices are
higher than a quoted price
from your veterinarian, we will
match their cost for a private
cremation PLUS give you an
additional 10% off the total
cost. Call us for more