Fluke's Aftercare
About Us
We will ship our urns
anywhere in the U.S.
Fluke's Aftercare was built on personal experience when we
had to send our dog Fluke, pictured on the left, to what's
commonly known in the pet lover's world as Rainbow Bridge
on May 23, 2003.

After too few years of experiencing his love, comfort, joy,
devotion and protection, it left us empty leaving him behind.
We felt we owed him more than turning our backs on him
while he lay on a veterinarian's cold floor.

It was the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Knowing that our
"boy" was to spend 5 days in a chest freezer before being
picked up was equally as unbearable as the thought of
having just lost him. We would then have to wait another
week or more to receive his ashes back.

Hard as we tried at the time, we were not able to find the
personalized pet cremation services that we are able to
provide to you. Our open door policy allows you to be as
involved as you would like for your peace of mind. You will
be able to walk away knowing without question that the
ashes you hold are those of your pet.

To this day, we will never truly know if the remains we got
are those of Fluke because we didn't have the option of
being more a part of the process to know without a doubt.

Fluke's is revolutionizing pet aftercare. We are able to
choose providers for our human family members, and our
goal is to offer you the same choice for our furry ones. You
do have the right to request which pet cremation provider
you want to care for your pet.

We have found our certificate of private cremation, which we
have offered from day one, is now being imitated by others
who were in this profession for years before us. While
imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, what
we provide our clients is truly heartfelt and personal...and  
has never been a matter of "keeping up with the Joneses".

Our business is purely based on the love we had for Fluke
and for all the wonderful pets like him. Each of our clients
pets are lovingly treated as one of our own...because for but
a few hours, they are.

We are located in a peaceful, country setting on 88 acres in
Litchfield, Maine. It is our dream to also add a reflection
pond with a fountain and a gazebo just yards from our
crematorium so that our bereaving families will find some
peace in such a stressful time.  

For directions on how to find us, click
"Thank you Linda for being
there for us today and for
our dear Sneezy Susie Q.  
You made a very difficult
day easier. You are one of
the most caring and
compassionate people I
know.  I am so glad Fluke
and Skipper brought us

Irvin & June
Hollis, ME