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Pet Urns

Pet Caskets
For many, backyard burials are a staple and a pet's favorite spot is usually the chosen
place. Before proceeding, you may want to check your city/town ordinances as some
prohibit this.

Lifestyle is also an important consideration when choosing burial. If you intend to move,
you will need to ...

Pet Markers & Plaques
Markers and Plaques make fitting backyard or garden memorials for your beloved pet.
Whether you have made the decision to bury or scatter their ashes, these serve as a
permanent reminder of the special relationship that you have shared.

Pet Keepsake Jewelry
For those of us who feel comforted by having a part of our pet with us at all times,
keepsake jewelry is the answer. A very small portion of your pet's ashes are secured
inside the pendant and makes for a wonderful tribute. We have a selection of Sterling
Silver, 14K Gold and Cloisonne.

Bereavement & Memorialization Items
Products to help you in your personal loss or the loss shared by others. We offer framed
tributes, paw print kits, remembrance tokens and pet loss sympathy cards.

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