Fluke's Aftercare
Frequently Asked Questions
"I saw a notice that you are away for a period of time. I've just lost my pet and
definitely want Fluke's Aftercare to do the cremation. What do I do now?"

As our vacations are generally in the winter, the cold weather makes for the best time to
hold your pet for cremation until our return. Our families have done this in years past
without incident. If you have a secure unheated garage or shed, the temperatures are
cool enough to perfectly preserve your pet's precious body until you are able to bring
them to us.

If this is not an option for you, due to living conditions or emotions, your veterinarian
does have a means of keeping them for you. Tell them the situation and that you insist
that Fluke's Aftercare does the cremation so that they can be clearly marked and your
veterinarian's cremation service doesn't take them. Some will do this as a courtesy, but
on the same token, some may charge you a nominal fee. We will be more than happy to
transport them from your local veterinarian to our facility for you upon our return.

To maintain dignity for your pet, we do not recommend keeping them in your home or a
heated area for more than a day.

"I don't see your prices listed anywhere on the website. What are your charges?"

Our charges are based upon the pet's weight and your chosen method of cremation
(private vs. non-private). Because we offer so many options, it is difficult to publish set
prices here. You are welcome to call at any time to request pricing.

"My dog weighs about 60 pounds. How long will it take for the cremation process to
take place?"

Depending upon certain conditions, you can expect the entire process will take
approximately 4 to 4 1/2 hours to it's completion.

"I would like to attend my pet's cremation is this type of service available to me?

Because we basically have to close down all of our operations for an attended cremation,
the availability for us to
provide an attended cremation is very, very limited. This would
require much advance planning (several weeks)
at the least. Any requests shorter than
this time frame can not be accommodated. This is
so that we are sure not to schedule
any other families for that
particular day. All of our focus is on you and your pet. We also
will not prepare other pets for their own cremation while you are present. This is out of
respect for the other family and their pet. Additional charges will apply.

"My pet had a favorite toy that I would like to have cremated with him is this

Absolutely. You are welcome to bring along that favorite toy, a favorite treat, photos or
flowers that will be placed in the chamber with your pet. Due to the nature of materials
used, blankets and beds are not allowed.

"I don't think that I could bring my pet to you to be cremated. Can you pick my pet up
from my veterinarian's office?"

Most definitely with advance notice. We offer free local transportation and if you are
located further, there is an additional charge.

"Will my pet be transported by itself?"

Yes. Because Fluke's Aftercare specializes in direct and private cremations, we do not
have established routes to various veterinary offices as the cremation service your vet

"My dog won a championship and I received a stein. Can you place her ashes in it?"

As long as the chosen object is large enough to hold the cremated remains, we would be
more than happy to do that for you.