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Canine Cancer Awareness

Alerts and educates the general population of the prevalence of canine cancer, it's
effects and available treatment options while providing support in these areas;
heightens the public's level of awareness with the utilization of items containing the
Canine Cancer Awareness logo, so that it will gain public recognition as the symbol for
this particular cause.
Our philosophy is not just about cremating pets ... or making money. We find much
peace in helping others and making a difference.

When you have one of your pets cremated with us, and you make the request,
Fluke's will donate 10% of your total costs to your favorite charity listed below. A
letter will be sent to that organization, along with a donation in your pet's name.

If you belong to a Maine based non-profit organization and would like to be listed
here, please contact Fluke's Aftercare at 1-877-268-2912.
Maine Cocker Spaniel Rescue

rescue groups in the state of Maine to save as many of these Cockers as
possible.rescue groups in the state of Maine to save as many of these Cockers as
Since 1987, with the help of its dedicated volunteers, the Maine Animal Coalition has
worked to establish animal rights as a legitimate moral and public issue in the state of
Maine. The movement continues to evolve and their goal is to remain on the cutting
edge of animal rights. As a statewide organization, MAC is dedicated to empowering
the public with the tools and information needed to live a life that embraces animal
rights as a natural extension of human rights.