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For many years,you have been subject to the comfort, joy,
loyalty and devotion that your pet has brought into your life. It
is through this and their unconditional love that we form such an
emotional connection - a connection so powerful that when our
pets die, we are as overwhelmed with grief as in our human
counterparts. They have become, unquestionably, our family

To help you consider your needs and those of your family, we
have prepared this information to help you through this
emotional time. The decisions you make should be those you
find to be the most comforting and to help you best deal with
your loss. When you choose private cremation, you have made
the conscious decision that cremation is not the end, but a
lasting memorial for your pet.

From the moment you or your vet contacts us, we will be on
hand to give you the guidance you need. Our goal is to meet
your every request whether you choose private or non-private
cremation. Finally, you do have a choice.


Cremation costs include private cremation, a personalized
cremation certificate and remains returned in a decorative
container. You may alternately choose to bring a container/urn
from home or choose from our large selection. Those choosing to
cremate their pets with us are eligible for a 10% discount off of
listed urn prices featured in our store,
Rainbow Bridge Urns.
Cremation can be arranged through your vet by requesting
Fluke's Aftercare, or you can call us directly for pricing.

Additional Services Available: (additional charges apply)

  • Same Day Transportation Service

  • After hours/Weekend emergency call


This is our most basic service. Your pet will be picked up from
your home or veterinarian's office and ashes will not be


          Monday - Thursday         9 AM - 5 PM*
          Friday                       CLOSED*

          Sunday                     CLOSED*  

*Services requested beyond our normal hours of operation will   
be subject to an additional charge.   
Click here to email us:


  • Private, caring
    transportation of your
    pet from your home or
    veterinary clinic

  • Timely, personalized
    hand delivery of
    ashes to your home
    or veterinary clinic -
    We would never
    suggest mailing your
    beloved pet's ashes
    back to you


  • Provide your own
    transportation of your
    pet to our facility

  • Make prior
    arrangements with
    your vet to have your
    pet euthanized at our
    location where you will
    be allowed the privacy
    and time you need to
    spend with your pet in
    an unhurried
It all comes down to costs involved. It takes as much fuel to cremate one pet as it does to cremate a group of pets.

For instance, in traveling alone 30 miles to work and back each day, may cost you half a tank of fuel. Over a week's time, you
have used up two and a half tanks. There are four other co-workers in your neighborhood who do the same. When you decide
to carpool, each of your fuel consumption will be only half a tank a week to travel to and from work. Each of you has saved
burning two tanks of fuel a week.

Mass or Non-Private cremation is based on the same theory. The more pets that are cremated in the chamber at one time, the
less overall fuel is consumed as opposed to doing each one separately.