Fluke's Aftercare
Pet Cremation Explained

The entire process can take over the course of several hours
depending on the size of the pet. In the first five minutes that
the system is turned on, the system "purges" itself. Then, there
is a pre-heat time. This is the time involved in bringing the
temperature of the cremation unit up to acceptable levels. Once
the pet is placed into the chamber, the heat builds to where the
cremation actually starts. This is where the time can vary from
pet to pet. Naturally, the larger the larger pet, the longer it will
take to fully cremate.

The end results of cremation are formally called "cremains".
Most people generally refer to them as ashes. Cremains
resemble fine sand-like particles or small pebbles, which can
range from a light gray to white in color, depending on the
process each individual crematorium uses. They may also
contain larger chips of bone. Generally, the cremains are
contained in a plastic bag, which is then placed in an urn.

There are two types of cremation available to you as a pet
owner: Mass or Private.

Mass cremation is when more than one pet's body is cremated
per cycle. This method is less expensive and more widely used
by veterinary offices or when the pet's owner does not want a
return of the ashes.

In private cremation, only one pet's body should be cremated in
a session with the intent of the cremains being returned to the
owner. There are some crematoriums, however, that though
private cremation has been requested, will cremate two pets in
one session with the bodies placed apart. This is called
segregated cremation. Fluke's Aftercare does not follow this
particular practice. Our pets are cremated by themselves.

When choosing cremation, costs will vary from crematorium to
crematorium and are based on the size of the pet and method of
cremation. The larger the pet, the more it will cost. If private
cremation is preferred over mass cremation, this too, affects the

Though not a subject we are inclined to think about, it is best to
explore your options before your pets dies. If you would like a
return of your pet's cremains and private cremation is not
specified, you may receive the cremains of other pets in addition
to your own. Sadly, many owners, though having chosen private
cremation, are not totally convinced that the cremains received
are solely of their pet or are their pet's cremains at all.  Fluke's
Aftercare alleviate
s any of these fears as well as offer emotional
support during a very difficult time.

It is important to know that you have chosen a reputable pet
crematorium where your pet will be treated with the respect,
compassion and dignity it deserves. You are encouraged and
welcomed to call us ahead of time, inspect our facility and ask
all the
questions you may have.

Remember that regardless of which method you ultimately
select for the final care of your pet's body, their memory will live
forever in your heart.
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At Fluke's:

You can accompany your
, seeing the facility
where your pet will be

Personally meet those
providing the aftercare
your pet will receive.

Your pet will be cremated
the within 24 hours
the time we take your pet
under our care. Many
times, your pet will be
cremated the same day.

We will not place your pet
in a freezer

At a veterinarian's

You leave your pet behind

Your pet will be picked up
during a route, possibly
several days after their
passing. Ashes will be
returned to you the next
route day
which may be
up to two weeks.

For preservation
purposes and because it
may be several days
before they are tended to,
your pet will be placed in  
chest freezer. They may
be placed over other
beloved pets or ultimately
under other pets who are
awaiting cremation.