Fluke's Aftercare
"We would like to thank you for
treating our Princess Kitty with
from Boston. It was nice to be
able to say goodbye to
our Princess Kitty the way
you allowed. Her paw prints
will forever be tattooed on our
hearts. Thank you for the care you
gave our little angel."

Lori & Randy Miller
"Thank you" are 2 very
small but very
important and
heartfelt words. To
you, we send them
with much love for
taking such good care
of our Bailey-girl. We
couldn't have made it
through such a tough
and trying process
without you."

Ellsworth, Maine
It's been said that compliments are the greatest form of flattery. We find these to
be our greatest reward. To those who have submitted their testimonials, we
thank you. Not only for the testimonial, but for the privilege of taking care of your
precious furbaby. Both you and they will be in our hearts forever.

If we have provided services for you or we have helped you through our website,
and you would like your testimonial posted, please fill out the form below.
"Thank you Linda for being there for us today and for
our dear Sneezy Susie Q. You made a very difficult
day easier. You are one of the most caring and
compassionate people I know.  I am so glad Fluke
and Skipper brought us together."

Irvin & June
Hollis, ME
"Thank you from the
bottom of my heart.
You gave my girl
Mckenzi, the respect
and dignity she
deserved. I could not
have asked for more."

Chris Collins
"Thank you so much for enabling
us to say goodbye to our beloved
Keisha in the compassionate and
caring manner that she deserved.
Your kindness and consideration
for our situation was exceptional."

Brunswick, Maine
"Thank you - this site helped me so
much today - unfortunately I don't
live in Maine yet - so I dropped off
my baby today and will have to wait
to bring her home - I wish so much
I could have stayed with her. The
services you all have available are
heartwarming- thank you."

"You people are so generous and
loving, even though my heart is
aching, and my tears still flowing,
I know in m heart Lakota forgives
me for the decision I made
yesterday. Last night as I sat on
my sofa, Sassy began tearing
around and jumping on Lakota's
spot on the sofa. I've not seen her
play as happily as that since she
was a puppy, and I'd like to think
that she was playing with Lakota's
spirit. young again and free of
pain. Thanks so much for caring
like you do, and Linda, KoKo says
hi and neigh to you!"

Cindy Packard
Clinton, Maine
"I came to your site looking for
something for my brother and his
wife who just had to put their black
lab down, and i wound up spending
more time in your "in memory of"
section and cried and cried and
cried. I'm so glad you were here for
me to grieve for him. It's strange to
say thank you for that, but thank

Cheryl Allen
"We just wanted to thank you very much for the care
and compassion you both showed for Suey. It was and
is very hard to kiss our lil girl goodbye after only a
short time of having her in our life. We feel we've been
robbed of love and years of affection but also
understand for the sake of Suey everything we did was
in her best interest and we now believe she's at peace
and playing with Breezy and Fluke and she is happy.
Once again thank you. It meant alot to Aisling to be
there to help in the end. Thank you so much."

"Sorry it took us so long to say something about our
baby Tristan but its soo hard after losing Suey then
Trist,, i want to thank you for taking good care of our
lil slim shady as we affectionately called him, he had a
rough go of it being a test ferret and finally found us
though we only had him a few months i hope we made
up for a lifetime of hell i know your happy and healthy
now Tristan and running with Suey i will see you soon
though some days not soon enough but I'll remember
my baby on the beaches of cape cod i love you slim!"  

Tara and Aisling Shepherd
Norway, Maine
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Questions, comments, or feedback:
"We would like to thank you on how
much you took care of our beloved
Samantha last year. You really made
it easier."

Dawn & Chip Sirois
"Once again our paths have crossed.  Once
again a loved one has gone home.  Thank
you for your kindness & understanding,
but most of all for taking care of our most
precious Lacey Jean."

Bob & Bonnie Day
New Gloucester, Maine
"I would like to thank you for the care you
took in my precious dog Prestley. He was
just about the most important person in
my life and you took very good care of
him. I also want to say thank you for the
footprint and locks of hair you gave me. It
has been 2 weeks and still cry every nite
for him. Just so you know I thank you
from the bottom of my heart."

Ronda Bell
Augusta, Maine
"I just wanted to tell you that we got Miss
Mazie back today and we are glad to have
her back.  Again you did a wonderful and
caring job for our family.  We truly
appreciate all that you do.  You go above
and beyond and that is rare, and I am so
glad that you do.  Miss Mazie was a special
part of our family and she is missed
terribly.  Thank you for making a terrible
day bearable."

Thank you
Melissa Weston
"I want to thank you so very
much for the kindness you
provided in this hard time of
losing my baby boy (Little Simba)
i knew you were quite the special
women when I called and asked
about my cat my husband
dropped off and you instantly
replied " yes, Little Simba is here",
well it shocked me that you even
knew his name..even the vet
forgot..I remember the time I
went to get him and his brother
neutered and I asked how my
boys did and the doctor replied
well Foofy and Princess both did
very well..now what person would
think anybody would name their
big boys Foofy and Princess LOL!
It's times like that gives me a
smile..but my heart hurts..it's
filled with pain..my baby was
indeed just a 1yr old baby..but
your kind words gave me hope
that I will see him eventually when
my time comes. Thanks again for
your great work..you are the most
caring person I have ever met in
my entire life (even if we did only
meet via the telephone) you gave
me hope in the most hardest time
of my life!"

Casey Allen
Augusta, Maine
Dear owners of Fluke's Aftercare,

family member, our Gordon Setter, Rider.  
we were so very comforted that he was He
lived with such beauty and dignity, and we
were so very comforted that he was you
able to depart in the same manner.  Thank
you so much for your kindness, this
difficult time.  
understanding, and excellent service during
this difficult time.  

Fluke's Aftercare is a treasure for those of
us who truly love our pets. Rider's box, his
certificate with his huge paw print, his
lovely fur clippings, and "The Journey" all
hold a place of honor in our home now. His
furangel key ring adorns my purse, so it
seems that he is always with us. You have
given us a great gift, one which will never
be forgotten, just like Rider.

Thank you,

Barbara Franklin
Bowdoin, Maine
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
for your great service and caring way. We
will never forget."

Lynda Brown

"Thank you for all your help last week with
"Teddy". I could not have done what I
wanted to without you. And please thank
John also for his kindness and patience."

Fred Brown
Appleton, Maine
"I want to thank you for making
one of the worst nights of my life
better with the compassion and
caring and dignity you showed to
me and my little Brownie. I won't
soon forget what peace I got from
being able to participate in my
Brownies journey.  You went out
of the way to alleviate my fears
and accommodate us that late
night in August. Making sure that
Brownie would not have to spend
any time in a freezer. Of the 3
experiences I have had with losing
a beloved animal you made it
easier to bear the pain. Thank you
so much for being such wonderful

Susan Gayle
Portland, Maine
"Dear Linda and John,
I would like to Thank You for making one of the
saddest times in my life easier to endure. From the
moment I arrived, I felt a peace in my  heart and mind
which I  needed in order to face what was ahead and
you both provided this. Your understanding and
compassion for both owner and pet is very helpful in
making this experience one of ease and comfort.
Thanks again."

Donna Wirling
Kennebunkport, Maine
"Linda, I can't thank you and your husband enough for
the services that you offer.  My mother had an
incredibly hard time putting down her cocker spaniel
Navahjo, as she had waited her entire life to finally have
one.  He lived to be 5 years old, and cancer finally took
his short but fun-filled life.  I can't explain how much
your services eased her mind about having to put her
precious baby boy down.  You were in constant contact
with her, and you even called just before he was
cremated to let her know that it was going to happen
which made her feel like a part of the process! When we
picked up his remains, you sat and talked to us for over
an hour, and never made us feel like we were taking up
too much or your time, or that we were "in the way" as
some vets make people feel.  My mother needed your
services more than I can explain.  You both are such
kind, compassionate people and you are making a
difference in people's lives everyday.  Thank you again
for all your heart-felt caring, loving and just wonderful
services and for helping us so much through our
difficult time.  You are both angels here on earth!!  
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart..."

Autumn Berube
Gardiner, Maine
"Dear Linda and John,
Our family has experienced one of the most devestating
loses that anyone can imagine.  We were fortunate
enough to have had almost 12 years with our baby, but
it never seems to be enough.  Without your help, we
weren't sure we could bear to do the right thing for our
Cody.  We can't thank you enough for all your kind
words and thoughtful actions.  All of the extras that you
provided, the certificate, fur clippings and poems, made
it easier for our 11 year old son to handle.  He feels that
he has Cody watching over him.  Again, we can't thank
you enough for all you are doing and have done."  

Tammy, Bob and Chandler Harmon
Steep Falls, Maine
"Dear Linda and John,
We appreciate the support that you gave us as we said,
"Rest your head," to Big Bail for the last journey,
difficult decisions had to be made about his care. You
and John helped us TREMENDOUSLY in knowing that
Bailey was being given the best care anyone could ever
hope for, as we placed his care from our hands into
yours.  By allowing us to share the final moments with
Bailey, we saw the dignity and respect that you both
showed as you cared for him.  He was very accustomed
to receiving a lot of attention, so it was very comforting
to have him receive such personal and loving care."

Cindy Swift and Trudy Files
Raymond, Maine
"Dear Linda and John,
Thank you so much for your care
and compassion you offered to us
at such a difficult time.  It's been
several months, but we're now able
to reminisce about Sammy
without the tears - most of the
time.  We are still feeling the heart
ache, but knowing that she had
such a dignified and loving end
provides comfort for us.  We have
both of you to thank for that.
We've enclosed a picture of our
precious baby girl, Sammy.Thank
you again."

Ellen & Kevin Franchetti
Manchester, Maine
"I would like to thank you for having the
private cremation available so that my
beautiful cat, Bridgett's ashes were
presented to me in such a caring fashion.  
I loved my little girl.  She was so petite and
so beautiful and Lewiston Veterinarian
Hospital let me be with her while her soul
went to God and I stayed with her holding
her and talking to her throughout and
stayed with her for another 2 hours telling
her how much the love she showed me
meant to me.  And then I had you to give
her the loving care that she deserved.  I
have been crying for weeks since I lost my
girl, but I am ever so grateful that you
were there to provide her with a caring
environment to cremate her and then
return her to me.  Thank you so very

Patti Guptill
Greene, Maine
"Linda,  I just returned home with my
Tobo.  I cannot thank you enough for all
that you have done.  The care that you
have shown for my Tobo is so comforting,  
God bless you in all your endeavors."   

Darryl Fitzherbert
Randolph, Maine
"Dear Linda,
I can't tell you how much your
loving care of Millie yesterday
made this whole experience so
much easier to take. We rode
home to Newburgh with such
peace knowing we were holding
our Millie in our laps. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart."

Elizabeth Miller
Newburgh, Maine
"Dear Linda & John,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for the compassion and care you both showed for
Shadow tonight.  There are no words that can express
how we appreciate what you two did for us and
Shadow.  You two are Angels . Tonight I thank you for
allowing us to stay and be part of the process.  We will
take this experience with us forever!! By the way the
paw print of Shadow on my hand I did not expect and
it was beautiful!!Like you said when it fades it is
making its way up my arm and into my heart!!!  I wish
there were more people like you two in this world. You
two are Angels on this earth!! It was a miracle that
Simon found you on the internet.  This is exactly what
we wanted for our Shadow. We miss him very much
but, we know he is in no longer in pain. Thank you
again. God Bless you!"

Michelle & Simon Hamalainen
Biddeford, Maine
"Thank you so much for taking
such great care of our beautiful
Amber.  You never made me feel
silly for crying or grieving my girl.  
You knew just what to say and
when to offer a reassuring touch
or hug.  The urn is beautiful and
matches Amber's Leonberger fur
so very well.  The poem with her
photo and paw print are beautiful
and the locks of hair you selected
are perfect representations of her.  
You helped to make this awful
time much calmer and less worry
some.  I knew you would take
good care of Amber and treat her
with the respect she deserved.  
Thank you again for honoring our
girl's memory."

Rob & Karen Knox
Augusta, Maine
"Thanks so very much in helping us with
Zipper. Connecting us to the vet and for
the kindness you extended to us during this

Bob & Mary Knox
Brownville, Maine
"The tears are less frequent, and
the smiles and memories of
Reggie are coming a bit easier
now. Thank you for helping us find
a sense of peace when we lost our
sweet Reggie. The world needs
more people like you."  

Carolyn & Ethyn
Guilford, Maine
"Thank-you Linda and John for being there for us. From
the bottom of our hearts. You gave our little girl Sookie
the respect and dignity she deserves. We want to thank
you again for the foot print and the picture and poem
you had made for us. Your time and great services you
and your husband put in the time of grief and sorrow.     
Thank- you so very much  Linda and John"

The Williams Family  
Rome Maine
"I have to say I met an angel today!!!!I
instantly took to you, Linda, as soon as I
met you that day. I was pretty lost not
sure where I was going I saw you and
said I'm looking for Flukes and you said
you found it!! You said come in my mud
room I need to let out my dogs! You had
some dogs all right - one of the biggest
dogs Ive ever seen plus a couple of
smaller ones. They were great. I came
in your house and you had one of the
greatest cats I've ever met. "Moose" laid
on the table and was so loving. He was
your model you showed me everything
you would do to my baby on Moose. I
was having a really bad time thinking of
releasing my baby but when I met you it
was much easier. You are the most
caring person I have ever met, I
completely trust giving my fur baby over
to you. Thank you is two such small
words but means a great deal. I loved
my Inkey more then words could say I
got him on day 1 and had to feed him by
bottle and showed him how to eat, use a
litter box and everything else! So he truly
thought I was mother I had him for 16
years he was the best friend anyone could
have and talking to you made it easier to
release him I have to thank you from the
bottom of my heart for that day. You are
the most caring person I have ever met
and wish to God there were more people
like you in the world. Thank you Linda."

Judie McKenzie
Gardiner, Maine
"Dear Linda and John,

It will be a hard day for me to
bring sweet little Harmony to you
tomorrow, I am so sad to lose her
so unexpectedly.  But when the
vet asked me if I wanted to
see her, and told me they could
take care of her for me... I told
him she was coming home with
me! It was not an option that she
wouldn't be brought to you for the
loving care she deserves. I
couldn't not do it after the way
you took care of my Jesse, Bear
and their babies. I watched them
on the video on your site tonight
and I cried again but it brought
back all the memories that you
and John helped me to cherish.
The way you took most of your
day to make sure I experienced as
much hands on of their goodbye
as possible.. you never rushed me,
or acted like I was asking dumb
questions or too many of them..or
that I was talking too much when
I tried to tell you just how special
they were to me..knowing you
hear it all the time with all the
other little angels you people take
care of, still you genuinely cared.
To watch the way you stroked
their fur and spoke to them as you
got them ready..made me feel so
much better. And the special extra
things you did, like the heart
cutouts of Jesse's blanket to place
on their little bodies, letting their
toys go along, and allowing me !
to place them inside is just hard
to explain how that felt. How you
spent so much time making sure
we got good pawprints and then
letting me make decisions
on things..And John, the careful
way he made sure he got them
ready to go, the special little
packaging he makes.. you two are
a well oiled caring machine. I was
so afraid that they wouldn't get
the dignity and love they deserved
unless I was RIGHT there the
entire time, watching and guiding.
Needless to say, I will be leaving
Harmony with you, and coming
back, secure in the knowledge
that she will be treated the same
way whether I am there or not.
There is simply no way you could
pretend to feel as you do.  It is so
obvious. God has you and John in
his hands, sending all his little 4
legged kids to him to hold again.  
And the price you charge, and
what you give for that price.. is
more than fair...it's just simply
"right".  I still hurt an awful lot
over the loss of my kids, but you
helped make it so much better.  I
tell everyone about you and my
wish is that they can manage to
use your services when that time
comes.  I only wish you were
closer so more people could use
you.Thank you from the bottom
of my heart."


Deborah Trafton     
Fryeburg, Maine
"Dear Linda and John,

I cannot thank enough for being there through
everything for us. 2 years ago today we lost our Teddy.
You also took extra special care with our Sandy who was
gone from us 5 years earlier. I have 3 more cats to
think about. I know they will all be gone within the next
12 years. Even though I am moving home to RI, I will
be seeing you both again. You are truly
very special people!  

Charlotte Sousa
Gorham, ME  
"Just a note to say thank you Linda for taking care of my
Felix.  I know that you truly love all the animals you take
care of.  And when you spent the time sitting with me at
your kitchen table just talking and listening I knew I had
a new friend.  Felix was treated with love and respect in
life and in death.  I appreciate it more then you will ever

Carole McFadden
Auburn Maine
"Thank you Linda, for taking such good care of my baby boy Jack
Aroo. He died a hero, saving my son's life. You allowed me the peace
of mind of knowing we laid Jack to rest with all the love & respect
that he deserved. Because of you I was able to bring my Jack home
to be with me forever. Thank You!"

Beth Miller
Livermore Falls, Maine
"Thank you  very much for
taking care of Peanut. You
helped us very much with
your love and kindness. We
appreciate it very much."

Zennie Bishop
Greene, Maine
"I want to thank you for what
you do. I didn't realize saying
goodbye to my Shadow baby
would be so hard, but you made
me feel at ease. You made a
difficult day better. Thank you
so much."

Ellen Lynch
Durham, Maine
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my baby
Brittany. It was the hardest day of my life and I took comfort in
knowing someone else was taking over where I could not.   

They paw prints and the hair clippings were perfect and help me
feel like she is here with me.  For 17 years she was my constant
and I feel great comfort in knowing her journey
was completed with love."

Thank you,

Andrea Donovan
Chelsea, Maine
"Linda and John,

We can't thank you enough for
the help, love and
understanding you gave us
that night in a time of need.
It's comforting to know our
Zeeky Boy was treated with the
love and respect he deserved.
We always treated him like a
king, and that continued on
with your care. We are glad we
found you to help us through
this terrible ordeal. You went
above and beyond for us and
Zeek. Thank you."

Eric, Joelle and Lauren Pelletier
Belgrade Lakes, Maine

Thank you for your
compassion and sincere
caring with our Emmitt. No
it wasn't easy but you
helped our hearts. You are
an angel!!"

John and Carolyn Bibber
Harpswell, Maine
"As a pet care professional I
have owned more animals in my
lifetime than most people.  That
means I have had to say
goodbye many times.  I have
become a bit... hardened, I
think, to the process of saying
goodbye.  Today my
wonderful veterinarian, Dr.
Elms, delivered the cremains of
our very bad (but
beloved!) Boxer, Tiger Lilly, to
me.  I was impressed by the
lovely wooden box she
presented to me.  I liked the
lovely certificate that
accompanied it. Lilly's pawprint
on the bottom was so sweet!  
But I was nearly undone by the
snippet of Lilly's fur that was
attached.  I'm not a cryer, but
my eyes filled with tears.  Over
the years I have had pets bodies
dealt with in every imaginable
way; but future pets will all
come to Flukes.  Many thanks
for your kind service."

Daryl Conner
Appleton, Maine
"Dear Linda,

We could just say ditto to
everything that has already
been written. Your
kindness and your nice
words about our beautiful
Gus helped so much.
We thank you so very
much for rearranging your
schedule so you were able
to pick him up at the vets
on the day he died. Thank
you again-- Little did I
know that I would need
your services so soon after
I had just read about you.
God Bless you."

Terry Philbrick
Warren, Maine
"Linda and John were the Angels
we needed to care for our Baby.
Miss Maya bred a mutt in form
was truely a dearest souled
friend and was treated that
way to the very end with the
dignity she deserved. God Bless
You Both."

Maryann Thurston
Wakefield, New Hampshire
"Thank you Linda for taking
such good care of our Hunter
and allowing us the opportunity
to say goodbye. The work you
do truly comes from your
heart. You have touched our
hearts forever. Thank you"

Jeff, Gina and Tony Galipeau
Sabattus, Maine